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Hybrid Human Hair Hybrid Human Hair is our favorite hair type. Hybrid Hair is a blend of human hair & "high temperature" fiber that can be styled with heat. Hybrid Human Hair captures the softness and realistic qualities of 100% human hair, while retaining the lightness and ease of care of synthetic. Hybrid Human Hair stands out as a winner against our wash/ wear and torture tests! It's soft, smooth, and tangle-free. Order samples and see! Hybrid Human Hair is available in: Cut & Style Hip Hats With Hair can be worn as is. Most of our customers take them to a stylist. You may want to have it layered, trimmed. etc. Bangs and side fringies come extra long so you can style them as you like. Add some pizzazz to your hair with fun colors: pink, blue or red! Get an Underhair Halo Wig made with YOUR OWN hair, instead of our stock hair. Some of our products are also available in Skinny Braids. Skinny Braids are a fun option for no fuss, no tangle hair. They're especially great for kids. Click on each Hip Hat style in the navigation bar above for styling ideas particular to that product. Order Hair Samples Silky-Straight (SS) Natural Curl (NC) Skinny Braids Use Your OWN Hair! Fun Colors info info If you are particular about your hair color, you should get samples first. A monitor can only give you a close representation of real hair color. Samples are of the actual hair used. more info
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